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Selected Case Studies

Ramirez Consultancy Case Studies

As a Strategic Advisor to our clients, trust and rapport are of utmost importance.  The success we have had is reflected with the selected case studies below. Every business situation is unique.  The cases reflect strategy and execution of multidimensional business activities.

North american Law Office

A leading law office was in need to streamline internal business operations while maintaining financial profitability.  The law firm offers divorce & family law, criminal law, DUI & DWI, business law & contracts, landlord & tenant, and traffic law & violations.

CARIBBEAN medical group

Responsive emergency services are scarce in developing countries. To meet the needs of the lack of effective CPR intervention in the Dominican Republic, a Caribbean Medical Group desired executive coaching to lead and greatly enhance the learning, confidence, and retention skills needed to save lifes when someone least expects it.

Investment Group

A California Investment Group was in need to develop a business plan to open an Urgent Care facility in California. With the backing of private investors and seed investors, RCS assisted in the strategic approach to raise capital and access doctor partnership and a dedicated physician group.