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Strategic Advisor for Urgent Care


An investment group was in need to open an Urgent Care facility in California. With the backing of private investors and seed investors RCS assisted in the strategic approach to raise capital and access doctor partnership and a dedicated physician group.

The investment group was in need of Negotiating Strategies, strategies for targeting the correct candidate(s), strategy to move the business development forward, and consultant to be on their team from inception with their best interest in mind. 

Lastly, the investment group aimed to participate in Beijing’s EB-5 Investment Immigration Convention.


Service Rendered

  • Strategic Chief of Staff for Investment Group
  • Executive Coaching and Provided Strategic Guidance
  • Negotiated Strategies with Physicians to onboard Board Members and Board Advisors
  • Recruitment Negotiations for Doctor/Physician 
  • Full Access to Ramirez Consultancy Services for Business Consulting

Value Create

As a Strategic Chief of Staff, RCS was actively participating strategically in developing the business and providing insightful guidance to the executive.  In doing so, RCS negotiated on the client’s behalf to structure the Medical Board Members and Board Advisors for the Urgent Care Facility.  Furthermore, with knowledge of the Chinese market, RCS was able to access pertinent information for Beijing’s EB-5 Investment Immigration Convention through local contact made with Host Country/Resident Contact.