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A leading North American Law Office was in need of streamlining internal business operations while maintaining financial profitability.  The law firm offers divorce & family law, criminal law, DUI & DWI, business law & contracts, landlord & tenant, and traffic law & violations.

The challenge for the law firm was ensuring potential clients were aware of their services.  Furthermore, the law firm asked the following:

  • Once a customer is retained, what is a fair price structure?  
  • What processes to implement to maintain efficiency?  
  • How should internal operations interact to ensure I do my job and serve my community?  
  • Most importantly, how do I structure my financials to be profitable?

Service Rendered

  • Industry Analysis, Market Analysis
  • Remarketing Services
  • Pricing Structure Optimization
  • Process Efficiency Optimization
  • Operational Structure Review and Update
  • Financial Projection
  • Full Access to Ramirez Consultancy Services for Business Consulting

Value Created

Through business consulting, Ramirez Consultancy, LLC quickly implemented an online remarketing strategy.  The Law Office experienced immediate success in website traffic and surpassed daily click-through rates (CTR) over 3% consistently.  

The Law Office retained clients two days after RCS: implemented a customized online remarketing strategy.  This approach has transpired to new customers contacting the law firm (four clients per week) due to the implementation of the advertisement.

Our immediate value was analyzing their financial information to increase inner confidence.  Once established, we implemented strategic activities to ensure the Law Firm remains competitive in the market.  

Ramirez Consulting Service has one goal for the law firm - focus on legal matters.  We drive the business elements identified in the services rendered to improve profit margins.