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Responsive emergency services are scarce in developing countries. To meet the needs of the lack of effective CPR intervention in the Dominican Republic, a Caribbean Medical Group desired executive coaching to lead and greatly enhance the learning, confidence, and retention skills needed to save a life when someone least expects it.

The Caribbean Medical Group offers courses aimed at teaching the necessary skills for effective intervention before the arrival of a medical emergency or ambulatory services. Their goal is to provide the population with the necessary tools to prevent, detect and minimize health risk situations and to act in the face of cardiac arrest emergency.


Service Rendered

  • Initial program assessment
  • Customer experience design service
  • Business administration consultation
  • Executive coaching leadership
  • CRM development
  • Analytics development

Value Created

Through executive coaching, Ramirez Consultancy, LLC assisted the Caribbean Medical Group to sustain progressive advancement in program documentation, contract agreements, seminar specifications, and forecast for community outreach.

Long-term consultancy services will continue to deliver much needed CPR emergency skills to people in need throughout the Dominican Republic.