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Luis is very creative in his innovation and always involves others in the overall creation and implementation of the idea.  Is willing to allow others to participate rather than making the idea his alone.”

- Great communicator.”

- Thinks out of the box and long-term.”

- Luis always has time to listen to explain procedures and what he expects in a calm way.  Shows respect for other people and their feelings.”

- Asks for input and uses it.”

- Luis is very analytical thinker.  Very good at gathering all relevant information and assessing what that means before moving forward with any potential resolution.”

- Luis is extremely intelligent and is very forward thinking.  He sees the big picture and is always searching for ways to operate more efficiently.
— 360 Leadership Assessment Conducted at OSU Fisher College of Business - 2017

When we first started working together, not one person was able to predict the magnitude of effort necessary to pull together 2 completely independent companies that could produce the efficient output required to maintain the relationship. 

You were able to create a system that made it viable to allow our conservative management feel security in allowing our physical assets to assume daily function outside the organization and without the oversight previously required. 

The elegant solution to our incompatible computer management systems you created has been instrumental to the near-autonomous process we utilize today. We especially appreciate your common ground approach of mediating issues that have created a strong trust between our companies which has led to over 2,000 successful transactions since inception. 

I gladly recommend your expertise to anyone looking to expand the reach of their service outside of their perceived normal opportunity banks.

Luis got to work and was able to show deliverables immediately. After working with other marketing consulting firms, I was burning money and not seeing any results. Ramirez Consulting evaluated, identified, and resolved the issue. Literally within two days of the company managing my marketing campaign I had a call from a client in a market I have never reached and I was retained.